Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Republican Party Steals Primary

April 9, 2010 BULLETIN: For Immediate Release.

IT'S OVER! Yesterday Lenny Ladner was informed by the State Election
Commission that a committee of the Republican Party chaired by
Chris Devaney in Nashville (615)269-4260 .

Had blackballed his candidacy for Congress in the 7th District. Before this blatant and arbitrary action, Ladner had been the only viable contender in the election for the seat of incumbent RINO Marsha Blackburn, quo bono. (Compare her voting record with John Duncan of the 2nd District who is a truly genuine Republican). (On The Issues)

The power for this draconian action emanates from Statutes originated by the Legislature of 1972 and has been amended in nearly every session since. These laws make a mockery of TN’s election process. A blind lottery would be more in keeping with fair and untainted representation than the present, criminally skewed charade.

The Code that once ensured free and open elections in Tennessee are now a farce. Said tampering, in keeping with the BLACKBERRY FARM PROTOCOL agreed to secretly by both of the Republocrat parties in 2001, established that, from then on (2002) and by Gerrymandering Congressional Districts based on the 2000 Census, the First, Second, Third, and Seventh Congressional Districts shall be held by “Republicans” – the Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and Ninth by “Democrats.” The original BFP plan was for the Fourth District to remain "up for grabs" party-wise, masquerading as a “toss-up” and a genuine contest. But, in the end, it was gerrymandered with annexed Sixth District Democrats so that it would remain “Democrat” in perpetuity.

When questioned about reasons for the Committee's actions, the only assertion
Presented was that Ladner was “not Republican enough." This flies in the face of Tennessee's proud position of voter registering that eliminates any political-party tags or other biases. And, just for the record, every signature on Ladner's qualifying petition and presented as a certified copy to the Republican Party exhibited only names of registered voters who identified themselves as "Republicans." Since neither major party requires an oath of allegiance, declaration of faith, baptism, tattoo, or other defining initiation to participate in the Tennessee election process Mr. Devaney's pro-Blackburn "reason" for scratching Ladner's name from the ballot is not only ludicrous but criminal.